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Our corporate VIP transportation service is our special transportation service for our corporate customers. Within the scope of this service, we provide transportation services for all kinds of organizations, meetings, meetings and events related to, business t of our corporate customers.


We are aware of the importance of timely and safe transportation for companies for special meetings, dinners, entertainment organizations, business meetings and many other business activities. Among the customer profiles that prefer our company, our corporate customers also have an importance. In line with this importance, you can be assured that the security, technical, hygienic and general maintenance of our vehicles is complete in our corporate transfer services.


As well as giving importance to our vehicles that provide the best quality of our service, we ensure that our staff members have the best understanding, management and regulation of transportation services for our corporate customers. In this way, our company can be reached for all kinds of organizations related to your company, you will provide a complete, timely, reliable and comfortable transportation service.


That is; our corporate customers and business activities, our company is more careful about etkinlik timing kurumsal. In fact, we are aware of the importance of good timing, good timing and successful time management concepts on the basis of the success of many managers in the business world.


Our company is ready to provide corporate VIP transportation service for business organizations. It is easy to reach us and request a transfer service. For this, you can reach us from our service phone numbers by telephone, and you can also contact us with our service phone number via WhatsApp (mobile application). You can also request online transfer service through our website. This is a process that will only take you a few minutes, and we will return to you within a short time.